Cantina Del Vesuvio



Client Overview

Cantina Del Vesuvio winery is located in Naples, Italy on the foothills of Mt. Vesuvius. The Russo family started the winery back in 1948 and are among the first wineries in southern Italy to open their doors to visitors. Today, they are one of the most popular wineries in Southern Italy, offering wine tastings, cellar tours and even cooking classes. Most of the visitors they receive are from the United States. After discovering Wanderlust Wines and its services, they saw the opportunity to streamline their US market operations and grow a customer base of satisfied Cantina Del Vesuvio wine drinkers.

The Challenges

Before we partnered with Cantina Del Vesuvio

The Solutions

Since becoming Cantina Del Vesuvio’s US Partner we’ve

The Results

Our partnership began in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, however, we have still seen great results. By outsourcing their US sales to Wanderlust Wines, Cantina Del Vesuvio has been able dedicate more time to the daily operations at the winery and finish the construction of their new cellar. As a result of our marketing efforts, we have experienced an increase in email marketing sales and are still acquiring new customers. The wine club we launched gained almost 100 members in less than 6 months and is still growing. Overall, Cantina Del Vesuvio has been very satisfied with our partnership and we both look forward to a bright and positive future!